Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Papaya Boats

Its is always a challenge to serve the food in new and creative ways. It makes food interesting and appealing. Children who fuss about eating, will have to be wooed to eat  healthy food. What better way than making their food appealing to them?

This is a papaya Boat. Clean the fruit thoroughly. Cut it vertically into two halves. Remove all the seeds. 

Peel one of the halves and chop into pieces. Garnish with a little salt and pepper and spices/herbs of your choice.

Place the other half on a tray or platter. Put these pieces into it, chill and serve. 

If the boat is wobbly and not able to stand properly, slice of a piece at the bottom, so that it can stand. If you want you can peel the boat too.

Papaya boats can also be used for serving, fruit salads and ice creams. This will make a very healthy and nutritional snack. You can choose small fruits for serving individually.

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