Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Corn On The Cobs

Roasting Over Coal Fire

Hi friends. Its raining here. Monsoon has arrived late and didn't bring much rain on time. But last week we had heavy and continuous rains. We had to spend week end in our homes. Its fun getting wet in the rain but going out in the rain is a huge risk. Lots of water flooding low lying roads, overflowing lakes, rivers and other water bodies, heavy traffic jams and what not. So it is best to stay at home unless it is absolutely necessary to go out.

Well it is at these times we get to spend our time with our family. Monsoons bring in heavy rains and also unleash our cravings for hot spicy food. After all the whole of summer, we had to go easy on spices. 

It is also time for Corn on the Cobs. At this time it is tender and can be eaten raw. 

When we were children, we got the first corn cobs only just before Vinayaka Chawithi or Ganesh Chaturthi-the day we worship Lord Ganesha-The Elephant God. We used to offer the first cobs to Him and then eat them. But now a days we are getting them much in advance. So we cannot wait till the festival. Any way I do offer the first, flower, fruit or any produce of the season to God before eating. 

Here in India, we roast them over coal fire and it is really very tasty. It is quite a treat for a rainy afternoon to eat hot roasted cobs. It is known as Bhutta in Hindi. During the season we find many vendors on the street corners, parks or other picnic spots, doing brisk business selling roasted corn cobs. We get to choose the cobs, which is de husked and roasted before our eyes to our satisfaction. Some like it lightly roasted but some like it fully roasted. 

The roasting of food over coals or wood fire is one thing which has been handed over from generation to generation since ancient times.

Well my niece is fond of corn cobs. So am I.My niece liked the idea of roasting the cobs over coals so much that she wanted to try her hand at it.  So I promised her that during the week end, we would try it.

Well here is how to do them...
 Choose cobs which are neither too tender or too hard. First you remove the outer husk.
Then make the coal fire. The coals should be red hot. Place the cob on the coals and keep rotating so that it gets roasted all over. I have used an earthen ware tray to hold the coals. 
I put two cobs here.  We use a hand fan made of dried palm leaf to keep the flame of the coals burning. 
When they are done, cut a lemon into half. Dab one of the halves with salt and rub over the corn to your liking. Eat it hot. It is so very tasty. Just try it. You can use your barbecue stoves to roast the cobs.  

Well we had a great time ..... I am sorry I don't have the pictures of the roasted cobs as we were all so hungry and the smell of roasted corn made us just grab and eat it. i forgot to take the pictures....:P0 :0 i will update it some time.