Monday, December 14, 2009

Egg Curry

Some one asked for egg curry. Here is one of the recipes. I need to search for more from my kitty of recipes. For the time being, I give you the most simplest and easiest.

Eggs    2
Carrot grated  1 cup
Onions   2 medium sized chopped finely
Green peas  1/2 cup
Green chilies  1 or 2 finely chopped of slit length wise
Ginger garlic paste 1 tsp
Mint leaves or Coriander greens chopped finely 2 tsp for garnishing 
Mustard seeds    1/2 tsp
Cumin seeds   1 tsp
Red chili powder  1/4 tsp
Turmeric powder a pinch
Salt  to taste
Oil 1 Tbsp


  1. Heat  a pan  add oil and when it is hot add mustard and cumin. Fry for a minute, add  finely chopped onions. Fry till they turn pink
  2. Add green chilies and turmeric, mix and fry for a minute.
  3. Now add the ginger garlic paste mix and fry till the paste loses its raw smell.
  4. Add red chili powder, salt and fry for a minute.
  5. Now add grated carrot mix it, cover and cook for five minutes on low flame 
  6. Now add eggs and cook for five minutes. Add peas and now mix it well. 
  7. Cook it for few more minutes on low flame and serve hot with finely chopped mint or coriander garnishing.
  • If you like it add 1/4 tsp of Garam Masala powder. 
  • You can also add 1 -2 tsp of Coriander powder. 
  • You can also use a dash of lemon juice just to add a tangy flavour

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