Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I am Back

Sorry friends have been away for long. Been busy at work place and dint have much energy to post anything on my blog, though I had lots of recipes with me. The problem is to have visuals to go with them. For that I need to try them out and them photograph them. Then there is the process of fitting them to blog and then finally writing the recipe. It takes some time and any disturbance in between..I loose the thread...But am back and will be posting lots of recipes..visuals or no visuals...
 One more irritating factor is usually by this time we have our markets flooded with lots of vegetables and fruits. But this year because of natural calamities and other man made ones, we are not able to get all the seasonal vegetables. Either they are not at all available or available but the quality is not good, apart from the prohibitive prices. This happens when one does not think of environmental and other issues and lands especially agricultural lands are usedmindlessly for constructing, residential complexes or other industrial purposes.
As is it is finding land which is rich enough for agriculture is very difficult. Even when one finds it there are other issues of water facilities, what type of crops can be grown etc. Some crops like rice etc require fertile lands and continuous supply of water. Some like cherries, apples require cold climate, where as some require hot of sunshine and humidity. God has bestowed India with a rare boon -a variety of climatic conditions allow a variety of crops to grow here. But then one should be grateful for that and see that this advantage is not lost.
 Any way I will be sharing with you lots of recipes...So keep watching...

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