Monday, November 16, 2009

The Crispies

India is famous for its Papads and  Vadias or crispies. Papads (Hindi) or Poppadoms as they are popularly known to the Western world, are called as Appadaalu in Telugu. The Vadis(Hindi) are known as Vadiyaalu in Telugu.. Papads are made out of Black gram flour, spices, oil, made into a dough rolled out into circles and dried in the shade-not direct sun light. There are different varieties either made of black gram or green gram flour or combination of both, or sago, rice flour etc. Spices used contain, black pepper, cumin, red pepper powder etc. The flour along with spices, oil and soda bicarb is kneaded into a dough and needed a lot-in fact beaten by a heavy wooden stick. Its then rolled out into circles and dried.

Our state of Andhra Pradesh is famous for these things.One of the Papads I like is the one which is thickly coated with sesame seeds. These Papads are roasted over coal fire or deep fried in oil. They are eaten as snacks or with rice.

In Vaids there are lots of varieties. they are made with same flour-black gram or green gram, or sago, or rice or potatoes. Other things like garlic, onion, tomato puree and many other things are added. But these are just placed on a wet cloth and dried in the sun.

When the vegetables are abundant in some seasons, these are also cut into slices and dried-like ladys fingers, cucumber, mangoes , bitter gourd and so many others. They are dried in hot sun until crisp and stored. These are known as Varugulu. All these varieties are made in summer when there is very little Moisture in the air. These are deep fried in oil and used with a dash of salt and pepper or red chilly powder, when we dont get vegetables in certain seasons. I will try to share the recipes as and when I make them

All these are eaten with rice or make a great snack any time one feels like.

These are the various varieties before roasting or frying.

This is after frying. Today I served them as tea time snack.

Here I have served roasted Papads garnished with finely chopped onions, cucumber, tomatoes and coriander greens with a dash of salt, roasted cumin seeds powder or garam masala or rock salt and ofcourse lemon juice. I also use pomegranate seeds for a little bit of sweetness.  You can use finely chopped mint leaves.

My niece of course, garnished all the crispies after looking at my efforts, drenched everything in tomato sauce and had her fill.  Given a chance she would have used chocolate sauce too..yuck she is crazy about chocolates. So you can use tomato sauce, chilly sauce or any other such sauces if you wish.

This can be served as starter with any drink for parties or dinners and lunches. Fried ones are tasty but so are roasted ones with less calories.You can get them in any store selling Indian foods.

Just try them and let me know.

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