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Eggs are a complete meal in themselves.; They are affordable and easy to cook. I gathered from my friends and what I read that eggs can be cooked as follows:

  • Coddled egg
  • Fried egg
  • Boiled egg
  • Omelet
  • Poached egg
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Baked or Shirred egg

Coddled eggs are the eggs that are lightly and gently cooked in water just below the boiling point.  The egg is either cooked in its shell by immersing it  in hot water in a pan or pouring the boiling water on it and let it stand for ten minutes or so. Egg coddlers are available for this purpose which make it easy to cook..

A fried egg is an egg is one which is fried in oil, butter or any other such agent.The eggs are not beaten but allowed to retain the white and yolk as it is. "Over hard" or "hard"  are the ones cooked on both sides until the yolk solidifies, "Over medium" are cooked on both sides until the yolk is thick but still in  a liquid state. "Over easy" or "runny"-"dippy eggs" or "dip eggs".or "treasure eggs" are  cooked on both sides but yolk is in  liquid state. This is also known as  "sunny side down". Sunny side up" -are cooked only on one side-yolk remains uncooked.

Boiled eggs are cooked by immersing in boiling water with their shells. Hard-boiled eggs are where the entire egg is cooked - yolk and the egg white are solidified, whereas Soft-boiled eggs the yolk and sometimes the white too remains in a semi solid state..

Omelet is a mixture of eggs beaten along with water or milk and fried in butter until firm and topped with various fillings of veg and non veg like onions, tomatoes, capsicum, cheese, ham, mushrooms, sausage and a seasoning of herbs and spices.

Poached eggs are ones that have been cooked in very hot but not boiling water, until the egg white has mostly congealed, but the yolk remain soft. A small amount of white vinegar may be added to the water to keep the egg white from spreading out. As no oil is used, calories wise this may be more healthier.

Scrambled eggs are made from beaten whites and yolk along with  cream, butter, oil and milk or water.

Shirred eggs are also known as baked eggs in which the eggs are cooked in a dish with a knob of butter or cream and baked until the white is set, but the yolk remains soft,

Here are some dishes from my collection.They are the Indianised version. But alas I don't have visuals to match since I don't eat them.


Egg       one
Onion chopped finely  25-50 gms
Green chili chopped finely   one
Coriander greens  chopped finely   1Tbsp
Oil  1/2 tsp
Turmeric  a pinch
Salt  to taste


  • Break the egg into a bowl, add chopped onion, green chili, turmeric, salt and coriander greens. Mix well
  •  Grease a cup(stainless steel) with oil. Pour the egg mixture into it.
  • Take a bigger vessel pour some water in it, bring it to boil. Now carefully float the cup containing the egg mixture in it. Cover the cup with a plate and cook for ten minutes or so.
  • When the mixture solidifies, remove from the vessel and serve hot.
  • Your steamed egg is ready.


Eggs     2
Oil  25 gms
Black pepper powder a pinch
Salt  to taste

  • Heat a pan. Add oil.
  • Now hold the egg above the pan, and crack with a knife or a spoon. Hold the egg with both hands and carefully pour the mixture on it with out damaging the yolk
  • When the white of the egg is cooked, sprinkle salt and pepper powder and serve. The yolk remains uncooked this way
  • Those who don't like this can turn it and fry the other side before sprinkling with salt and pepper and serving.This goes well with buttered toast.


Egg   One
Vinegar 2 tsps
Salt  to taste

  •  Pour three glasses of water in a pan, add salt and vinegar and bring it to boil. When the water begins to boil, reduce the heat.
  • Now just crack the egg and carefully put in to the water. See that the white of the egg does not spill in to the water.
  • After the egg is done, remove the shell, sprinkle pepper powder, salt and serve.


Egg   One
Onions chopped finely   25 - 50gms
Black pepper powder    a pinch
Milk   1/2 cup
Butter   25 gms
Bread slices   2

Salt  to taste

  •  Heat a pan. Toast the bread slices on both sides using a little of the  butter and keep aside. in a plate.
  • Now in the same pan add the remaining butter and let it melt.
  • Meanwhile in a bowl break open the egg. Add salt pepper powder and milk. Whisk them well and pour it onto the pan.
  • This mixture thickens almost immediately. Turn down the heat and keep on stirring the mixture. Remove from heat when they are just yet to be done and keep on stirring.
  • Pour it over the slices and serve hot with tomato sauce.
Hope you have like them. Please let me know your comments and suggestions....

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    1. I am really enjoying your Cooking ways Sailaja. Thanks for putting in such great descriptions and sharing a bit of your culture and recipes with everyone :)