Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Soda Bicarb

Under this section of household tips I am going to share with you the tips and tricks I have learned form my gran and mom. They are really useful but be careful, first test it and then use please because some may be allergic. Please do check out.

Soda Bicarbonate known as cooking soda has been used since ancient times.  Let us see the uses ...

  • Used as raising agent for baking of bakery products. Its also used in many of the Indian dishes.
  • Add one Tbsp of soda bicarb to water, boil it and dip the silver to remove their tarnish. You will be amazed to see them shining like new ones.
  •  Make a paste of soda bicarb with warm water and use it clean the tiles on kitchen counters, bathrooms and also ceramic sinks. Just apply the paste and leave for ten minutes and wash with hot water. They will sparkle.
  • You can clean your refrigerator using soda bicarb dissolved in water. Dip a cloth in  this and clean. Wipe with cloth soaked in  clean water and wipe it dry with a dry cloth.
  • Keep a cup with some soda bicarb in refrigerator. It will absorb all odors and keep it clean.
  • When you feel heavy after a meal, or eating oily stuff, add a pinch to a glass of water and drink it. You will immediately feel relieved. A pinch of soda bicarb added to beetle leaves and consumed also relieves heaviness.
  • It can be used to dust the books to remove their musty smell.
Thats all for now. I will add more if I can recollect some more.

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